Club Global Gambia

Coordinator :  abdoulie(a)

  1. Thank you for the information about the forthcoming Annual meeting of all Club Global Organizations. We hope that by next year we can attend the same meeting, when the organization is much more established in the Gambia.
    Best Regards
    Abdoulie Jeng

  2. Our Annual General Meeting will be published after the graduation day for Club Global Gambia members,( who completed a nine weeks computer training courses in the skill training center in Ebo Town), slated the 16th April 2011. The present executive of Club Global Gambia will then be dissolved and a new to be replaced through general elections.

  3. The Annual report from Club Global Sweden was received with satisfaction. We look forward sending a development report of the activities of Club Global Gambia.

  4. The Graduation Ceremony for Club Global Members who completed the ICT courses sponsored by Project Food First, was held at Omar Drammeh memorial Skill Training Center, Saturday the 16th April The occasion was witnessed by the Capoeira Group and a Guinea Musician who all participate warmly in the activities convened through out the day.
    All the students were certified and have the possibilities to further their education with the planned courses in the future depending that, we have enough financial capital as estimated.

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