Cycling for Everyone- the art of teaching adults to cycle

Posted: March 7, 2011 by ianfiddies in Kurser / Courses, Projects
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Our manual for teaching adults how to cycle is now available for free download. We’ve been very quiet about our cycling project “Cycling for Everyone” over the last few months. This doesn’t mean we’ve not been working on the project flat out, we have. So much so that we haven’t had time to blog about it.

Cycle school started a bit later than expected in Gothenburg, so when we finally started rolling in October we had time for nothing else except cycle teaching. We had classes in three different places around the the city and managed to help 32 new cyclists pedal away before winter and a thick carpet of snow put a stop to us.

Since then we’ve been working on our cycle teaching manual “Cycling for everyone- the art of teaching adults to cycle”. Finally we are proud to announce that the manual is finished and free to download the English version in pdf format >>here, and in Swedish >>här. Please make as much use of this material as possible. Share it freely and let us know how you get on.

For anyone with a greater interest in our project “Cycling for Everyone” you can even download our final report on the project for our sponsor the Swedish transport authority. >>here Sorry this is only available in Swedish.

Just now we are frantically trying to find funding to continue with cycle lessons this year as well. Any tips on how we could do this are welcome.

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