Cycling for Everyone (2010)

Posted: July 26, 2010 by ianfiddies in Projects
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Cycling for Everyone / Cyklande för alla: is the latest Club Global, Sweden project and is going to be running throughout the Autumn of 2010. The project is a bit different from previous Club Global, Sweden projects. We are quite simply going to provide cycling lessons for adults.



A training course i Tilberg, Holland, photo Angela van der Kloof


For anybody who grew up in Sweden there are certain cultural skills that almost everybody acquires as a child. Swimming, picking berries, ice-skating and how to cross the road, are a few of the skills most people who grew up in Sweden don’t even thing about. Cycling is another of these cultural skills that almost everyone has mastered and takes for granted. For anyone who grew up outside of this Swedish culture some of these skills are not at all to be taken for granted. Learning them is empowering and for Club Global empowerment is one of our key aims.



Our plan is to run two intensive courses in the north of Sweden in August and then a longer course in Gothenburg in the west of Sweden during September and October.




The free bikes of Gothenburg, photo Karin Mossberg


Gothenburg is in the process of placing out bikes around the city that anyone can use, anyone who knows how to cycle that is. Our project nicely coincides with this and our hope is that in the spring we can start a new project so anybody wanting to use the free bikes can get the training they need. Watch this space for regular updates as the project progresses.


More information about the courses in Göteborg:

  1. Bubacarr Dumbuya says:

    hi well what of we the members of club global Gambia how are we going to be part of the project?

    • ianfiddies says:

      Just now we are at the stage of learning how best to organise the courses. We shall keep going until the end of October when winter will force us to stop for a while. The plan is the to produce a simple text book on how to teach adults to cycle and how to organise courses. Hopefully this book can be of help. All our students now are women, is there a need to teach adult women how to cycle in Gambia?

      • Bubacarr Dumbuya says:

        yes well it would be very wonderful if they could have the opportunity, then it will be very great because here in the Gambia we have so many wast products that we have no uses of them, if the Women know how to transform them it something it will help.
        and can even empower the woman if we could have the project here? it will be good.

  2. sambujangfatty says:

    i have the bold steps you have taken in the development of the youngsters. am very much interested

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